You know when you are getting better…

Thanks to my trusty lappy top I am able to create and work even while sick.  That is some comfort to someone who can't stand to just lay on the couch and do nothing.  So another product for the store today...I give you Ornate Frames.

How to know when you are getting better...but still sick.

You know you are getting better when you feel your sense of humor coming back.  You know you are not when you cry at the drop of a hat.

You know you are sick when you haven't shaved your legs for two weeks (and when you finally do you leave more hair than your husband does shaving his beard).  You know you are better when you want to finally shave.  But you know you aren't better when it takes everything out of you and you spend the rest of the day laying on the couch admiring said legs. ;D

You know you are better when you want to play the Wii.  You know you are still sick when you play Frisbee Dog still sitting on the couch and ruin your high score and have to stop playing.  Bwahahah!

You know you are getting better when you start smelling food again and it starts to smell good.  You know you aren't when you take two bites and it makes you sick.

You know you are getting better when you can get up in the morning and help get your kids ready for school and out the door without too many problems.  You know you aren't when at the end of the day you have NO desire to get up and go across town to pick them up.

And finally when you know you are getting better you go and do this...

You get a new puppy.  He's a West Highland Terrier.  His name is Skits.  No Baxter didn't go anywhere.  He's still here.  And loving the new puppy.  I'll tell you more later.  As he is getting into EVERYTHING!!!!!!

6 Responses

  1. oh my gosh... he is soooooooo dang cute... Rainee would love him... she wants a new puppy sooooooo bad... it's getting hard to resist... especially when you show me photos like this. bug me girl... bug!!! anyway... congrats on the new puppy and happy you're feeling better!! Golly you must be with that present... you have to take care of!!! lol! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Oh new puppies are so fun. Westies are beautiful.
  3. Jill
    I can't believe you got another dog. However he's very cute. The girls look like they really like him. Since you already know how it is about that kind of stuff here. I will shut up now. Hang in there get better would love to hang out.
  4. Jeni
    FREAK! You're the sickest you've ever been and you get a puppy?!?! You slay me! But, that being said, I'm insanely jealous, and would you be mad if I got one just like him? I love your posts lately, they're beautiful. I have the flu right now, but nowhere as sick as you. Feel good enough that nobody's helping around the house...huh, shocking, I know! LOVE you!
  5. Ann
    Dear Jen, wow looks like you are so sick. I am so glad you are getting better. The little Skits is just beautiful it would be great addition to the pictures. The new things in the store are just beautiful love them all. I would have to stop there again soon. Ann
  6. Wendy
    ROFLMBO....You are not suppose to over do, remember? The frames are great! Skits is absolutely adorable and I am soooo jealous!! Now take it easy so you get better!! (NOT)