Yes. Another Dog Park.

Two weekends ago we took the doggers to another dog park.  This one is further is off leash and in the mountains! ;D  So we took the 45 minute drive to investigate.  Yeah.  It rocked.  It has fenced in areas so you can rest easy about your dog running off.  But.  It also has just regular hiking paths in the woods and if your dog is under voice command...which our are thank goodness!...then you can be on the trails with them off leash.  Oh man was it ever fun and nice.  We got a little hiking in...and didn't have dogs on leashes...which really rocks!  Yes.  I said rocks more than once...but it DID!

Skits is total outdoors dog.  I mean he is anyway...he loves going outside all the time...even in the snow and rain.  But he was like all over the woods and hiking and climbing rocks and doing crazy stuff.  Following the kids everywhere...even up big rocks!  He is a wild man! ;D  And very entertaining!

Oh yeah.  In other "Skits news"...he caught a bird the other night.  He came up to the back door and "presented" it to us (like cats do).  He was like, "LOOK what I got!"  He's moved on from snakes cause he has killed all of them in our yard.  He is crazy! ;D

And here's a layout I did of some photos of Ava on our hike...

Layout credits:
paper Catalina Lynn Grieveson

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  1. Jeni
    I wish Zephyr would walk with me. :( He just takes off. Bad doggie.