Working with Templates

Some more digital things to ponder...there are several pre-made templates on called Quick Collages.  I've done the one above using Photoshop.  They are very simple...very easy and then voila you have a really nice collage that you can print and just have like that or that you can add more to digitally or you can print and scrap and do a little hybrid work.  Options galore!  My collage above I couldn't help but add a hand drawn brush by Ali Edwards.  Love it!  Love her!!!

If you'd like to watch the video "tutorial" to see how to do these...I totally recommend can go here.  And the link for the Everyday Hand-Drawn Brush by Ali Edwards I found here.

Good luck!  If you're feeling up to it...share your work w me!!!!!

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  1. Jill
    as always you are awesome