Word for 2009

I've been reading a lot of blogs and people are picking words for the year (or month) 2009.  I often think of this sort of thing as like a New Year's resolution...which I don't like to make cause then I'll just break it. ;D  But the minute I read Ali Edwards blog post about 2009 words one word popped into my head and I couldn't get away from it.  It kind of evolved from not just a word but several different phrases.  And so my word for 2009 is...LIVE.


2 Responses

  1. Jeni
    A: Is that your handwriting? B: I also like "Dance", but you can't do as much with it....I like that country song "I hope you dance" by some country gal. I'll sing it for you sometime! This was a very nice blog. My word this year, if I had to choose one this second, would be Peace. I think I'll write it on my wall somewhere...
  2. Live means alot to me to lately. When I have been out on my walks with my dog, I listen to past messages from my church www.ccvonline.com. There is one series I just finished up called "One Month to Live" A 25 year old single mom of two young boys shared her story how she was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given 4 weeks to live. She had been coming to CCV on and off for 6 years. After her diagnosis she came back and gave her life to Christ, and was baptized. She ended up living six weeks after her initial diagnosis. Her story really made an impact on me on what is really important. So, yes live like theres no tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiring post.