White Christmas

We are going to have a White Christmas!  Yay! ;D  I kinda wish I wasn't so sick so I could enjoy it...more on that in a bit.  It is snowing now.  Has been all day and is supposed to snow tomorrow so the white stuff should be around for Christmas.  Why does snow make it feel more "Christmas-y"??

I am still sick.  Yes it has been well over a week now.  Yes I did go to the dr.  Today.  Not much they could do for me.  Did a strep test.  That's not it.  I think he felt sorry for me considering it is so close to Christmas.  I got some meds and hope they will help but I'm not holding my breath.  Being sick stinks in general but especially during Christmas.  I have presents to wrap.  The house is a mess.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I'm listening to Christmas music on my computer and to the sounds of the kids and Corey (he's working from home today) and I have it pretty good.  I just wish I felt better.  While I was out braving the snow, going to the dr office, I went to the store and got food for Christmas.  So we won't be having pizza.  Ha!  Corey wanted ham.  I wanted chicken.  Believe it or not the girls wanted steak!!!!  So I splurged and got filet mignon at Safeway.  I got a great cut!  Can't believe they wanted it...they are definitely MY kids...if they were Corey's they would want seafood. ;D He he!

I noticed today how quiet everything was with the snow falling.  Quiet and peaceful.  I took a couple of photos of my festive flag out front on the house with the snow falling.  It was just so quiet.  I love that.


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  1. Golly Jen, I hope the meds kicked in and you had a wonderful Christmas. Rainee... well, she says... see mommy I can breath... I'm not sick anymore... and what with her bouncing around... you'd never know it... but there is that little thing.... when she's still... that you can tell she's not completely over it... Feel better... Merry After Christmas!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. WendyN
    Oh how I miss that quiet peaceful snow fall. I love to ride the horses or go cross country sking when it snowed like that. Nothing like getting back into the woods...your so lucky. Sorry your sick and not able to fully enjoy it! Maybe by New Year you'll being feeling better and you'll get another snowfall like that. We must be thinking a like...I got Steaks (Ribeye & tenderloin) and fresh shrimp for our Christmas dinner. I can hardly wait! Have a Good Christmas with your family :o) Hugs, Wen
  3. Ann
    Jen, Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family!. I hope you feel better soon. Ann
  4. corey