Where did summer go?

Yes I know summer isn't over yet.  Our streak of 90 degree days or higher...18 days and counting...is a sure reminder of that.  However, tomorrow, I have to register the girls for school, turn in their remaining paperwork and we will get their teacher assignments.  School will start on the 11th.  So...where did the summer go???  Sigh.  Some of that is relief.  Cause they have just been fighting and getting on each others nerves.  They are pumped about going back to school.  Laney is starting Kindergarten and she is beyond excited.  Both girls will be at the same school so no more running all over creation...too much.

So I did go to Designer Digitals and purchased a few items.  Couldn't help but get a few templates by Ali Edwards...big surprise there...if you have been reading the last few post posts at all you know I'm a fan of hers.  Already started mucking around with them.  Such fun.

Also finished a layout about Laney.  It's a hybrid piece.  My first one of that nature.  She was bummed that I chose Ava to interview for a layout that I entered for another competition.  So this layout...which I also entered...but did not make it past the first round...I chose her.  She was tickled to see it:

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