What’s your favorite thing…

What is your favorite thing about digital scrapbooking?  If I had to pick just one thing, right now, it would be the DELETE key.  Seriously.  With my brain not firing on all thrusters...still...after recovering from the flu...sometimes thinking evades me.  Scary I know. I start out strong but then I don't end so well.  This is true for just about everything I've been doing lately...including scrapping.  I start out bringing in all these great elements and photos to a page and then it just all kind of fades.  So why on EARTH would I wanna just hit the delete key rather than save it and try to rework it you ask? Sometimes it is just that way.  It is an artist thing.  Did you ever start a sketch and just know it was going nowhere and just scribble the crap out of it or tear it up or crumple it up and throw it away and HAVE to start all over?  Only another artist would know or understand this I guess.  Sometimes you know you have something there and it is worth saving and reworking.  Other times you know it is worth saving for the trash. ;D  I guess that is why I love digi scrapping so much.  When I hit the delete key I know I haven't wasted much...just my time. ;D

Here are two layouts I did in the last day or so.  I remember hitting the delete key several times. ;D  But I think it turned out alright in the end!


frame Mailing Label Frames Vol 2 Paislee Press & TaylorMade
word art & elements Revive TaylorMade
Photomask freebie Natasha NaSt
elements Oct 31 Paislee Press


frames Revive TaylorMade Designs
paper, embellishments Embrace Paislee Press & Fei Fei's Stuff
flower Oct 31st Paislee Press
element Autumn Flourish Leora Sanford & TaylorMade Designs
torn paper Shabby Shack Designer Digital Essentials

3 Responses

  1. So beautiful, so Rufus. :-) I hear you on the delete key. I am not an artist - but a few things in my life would benefit from having a delete key this week. :-)
  2. Ann
    My favorite thing is the change of colors and the hiding possibility of a layer (eye icon). The LOs are really so well balanced, I am glad it is coming all together for you again and you are feeling better. Ann
  3. Wendy
    You go GIRL!