What’s for Supper?

That age old question.  We have to ask it 365 times a year. ;D  I don't like to cook when it is hot.  It is still hot here.  But something about when it turns September makes me wanna bake and have "fall things" to eat.

So tonight we had...



And I made them into waffles in my belgian waffle maker.  And I had every intention of taking a photo of them after I had made them.  But they were SOOOO GOOD that everyone scarfed them up, including me, that by the time I thought of taking a photo...THEY WERE GONE!  Wah!!!!  No photo of the finished product.  Well, there's always next time, for I was being harassed to make more again.  I guess they were a hit. ;D  As a side note I'd just like to say...I love all my Pampered Chef stuff (ie the whisk and mixing bowl you see in the photo above...plus all the other stuff you don't see in the photo that I used)...I never would have any of it if I hadn't been a consultant!  ;D

2 Responses

  1. can I say YUM-O... I love pumpkin and I love pancakes... will have to try this... Rainee will go crazy for this... thanks for the info.... as always you're the greatest! {{{hugs}}} Michelle
  2. Wendy
    Oh goodness those sound delicious...I wonder if I could get my guys to try them? I'm also very very jealous...you were a pampered chef consultant...sigh! I love pampered chef and love going to the parties but I don't know anyone down here that has them and ohhh how I miss it...But then again maybe that is a good thing, lol...especially when it comes to finances, lol...I could get a bit carried away...I did do order from an online party for a friend but it just isn't the same as going to a hands on party...sigh!! Sometimes my life is a bit dull...