What day is today?

This morning at the breakfast table I asked Laney, "What day is today?"


"Yes, but that's not what I mean."

"Dance class!"

"Yes, but not that."

"Last day of school."

"Yeah, but what else."

"The BBQ at school!"

"OMGosh Laney!"

Ava whispers to her.

"It's Kindergarten graduation!!!!", she finally exclaims!  What a hoot!




And now all I hear is, "I'm a first grader now!"

Word art Ali Edwards
frame Katie Pertiet

2 Responses

  1. LOL...Congratulations!! I still don't know if Michael is graduating to 1st grade, sigh! He took his test last week but I haven't heard a word. It's got to be a good feeling...sheesh 1st grade!!! I love that second photo you took of Laney, where just she is in focus, too sweet! Did you do that with the camera or in photoshop?
  2. jen Wolff
    Soooo cute!!!!! Adorable pics!! I wish we were done with school today! Happy Summer vacay!