Weekly Freebie

It has been a long week for some reason.  The girls have been fighting like you wouldn't believe.  That surprises me given the fact that when we do a lot of things together as a family (like the week previous) that usually makes them behave like angels.  Not so this time.  I'm at my whits end.  And I don't like feeling like this.  Monday school starts.  It is so bittersweet.  The summer flew.  I cannot believe they are going back so soon and yet I'm just so looking forward to the fighting to be over!  Both girls will be in school all day.  That is going to be strange!!! A part of me is excited and a part of me is sad.  Another part of life is ending.  Another beginning.

Last night was meet your teacher night at school.  So this is all becoming a reality.  Laney has the same teacher as Ava did in 1st grade.  It was déjà vu all over again.  Ava's class is right across the hall from Laney's.  It was nice to have two returning students this year.  They were both very comfortable and had lots of friends they were reuniting with. ;D

So on to this week's freebie.  I was able to get something done.  I needed to work to feel like a normal adult in amoungst the fighting of short people in the house!  I felt like playing with the Fibonacci Spiral again.  This is what I came up with.



And here's the layout that I did with it.  If you use it please feel free to share!  My friend Wendy has been doing some lovely layouts with my templates lately.  You can check out her lovely blog here.  It is always great to see other people's takes on my designs! ;D


template, paper, circle word art stamp JMDesigns
background paper Island Blues, Essential Bases {1} (both altered) Lynn Grievenson
bird cage stamp House of 3
buttons French Summer Lynn Grievenson

Here's Wendy's take...


4 Responses

  1. Too bad I'm only discovering your blog now, I absolutely love love the use of the Fibonacci spiral ! Was ready to click on "add to cart" but it seems the product is expired (as well as the other template freebie...). Too bad :( But kuddos on your page, it's gorgeous !
  2. Wendy
    Sweet :o)...
  3. Wendy
    Okay it's posted on my blog...Sheesh jen you sure make me work, lol...But I like it...I still like your layout better, lol...Thank you :o)
  4. Oh Goodness I love it!! Love what you did with it!! You put me to shame, LOL...I was thinking beach, shells...the gears are turning!! Thank you!! Sorry about the girls being bears this past week, no fun at all!! Probably due to school starting and they are a bit nervous about it. I am stunned y'all are starting school so early, Yikes!! Do they get out early next year? Michael starts on the 24th and I think that is too early. But he's been ready for weeks. Just think of all the designing you can get done with peace and quiet surrounding you. It will take some adjusment but it's nice. I do love peace and quiet!! Thanks for the blog reference and now that I will also have a bit more time for myself I'll be able to keep up the blog, Yea!! Okay off to get this new template (thank you:o) and do a bit of shopping too!!