Weekend Misc

I work so hard on layouts and I so want to post them but when you want to enter them into competitions it's not so easy.  With all the rules about original work and nothing being posted on any online forum...well you see my dilemma...and I'm talking putting my heart and soul into these things...and spending lots of hours...so I don't have time to do other layouts to post...I don't have THAT kind of time...I mean come on!  So I guess you'll just have to take my word for it...I worked on a digital piece this past week.  I finished it this morning and uploaded it to scrapbooksetc.com for the Ultimate Summer Challenge...and if you've been reading this blog at all you will know that this isn't the first week I've entered.  I'll admit I'm rather proud of this piece and if you wanna see it you'll have to go there and view it.  Sorry!

And the heatwave continues...the lawn is looking quite sad.  And we are doing pretty much everything inside...which means a lot of tv watching I'm sorry to say.  We get out in the late evening for walks and bike rides but it has to be pretty late and then its still in the 80's.  Wow...I think the only things that are thriving in this heat are the weeds...cause I can't get out there to knock them back!!! 🙁

We were out early this morning.  It was quite nice.  I couldn't sleep so I got up early and my puttering woke everyone else up.  I convinced Corey to get out an mow the lawn early...he graciously agreed.  Anyway the kids found an egg that had been broken on the sidewalk and wanted to show us.  It was small and blue...probably a robin...and the ants were loving it...on the way the kids pointed out the neighbor's peach trees and how the peaches are coming along.  They are looking so good and the morning sun was hitting them just so nicely...I ran back in to get my camera.  Just so nice to get out before the day's heat hit.

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