Week 6 of Project 365 + a Free Template

I will admit that a part of me was feeling a bit like I didn't really deserve a new laptop.  It arrived on Saturday and Corey has spent the better part of the weekend setting it up and moving things over for me.  It is sooooooooooo beautiful!!!  So I was still feeling unworthy and he handed it over to me this afternoon for a test run and I opened up Photoshop, ACDSee, email and internet.  This think is SMOKIN FAST!!!  I opened up Photoshop and it does what I want it to do within a split second rather than having to go and do a load of laundry and come back and have it maybe done the thing I've asked it to do...So suddenly I'm not feeling so guilty anymore!!!  This thing ROCKS!  I should be a lot more productive...or at least my productivity cannot be blamed on my computer anymore! ;D

Here is my Project 365 layout finished for this week.  I was inspired by the quick collage that I posted about so I decided to create another template that was similar.  Here's what the template looks like...


You can download the template for free here.

Here is what my layout looks like...


template, 2009 brush, days of week brushes Jen Maddocks Designs
Anna Aspnes paper, overlay
Jessie Edwards paper Winterfest
Michelle Coleman staples
ribbon Shabby Princess Designs seasonal sampler
button, heart Lovely Pink by Choukette
Katie Pertiet Barely There Brushes-n-Stamps, Ticketed No2 Brushes-n-Stamps
fonts Ali Edwards Handwriting, FFF Tusj

How are you all doing with Project 365?  I will say that again for photos this week was terrible.  My oldest daughter was sick all week and taking photos was last on my list.  But I did take a few and so I wasn't going to let it get me down or let it stop me from doing it all-together.  I took a few at the beginning of the week and some this weekend when everyone was feeling better.  Again...real life.  And I put it in my journaling.  And it's ok.  So again...if you fell behind don't give up!!! ;D  Hopefully using templates helps some of you out there.  Let me know if you use this one or if you find anything out there that helps you out! ;D

5 Responses

  1. Nicol
    This has turned out great! I love your collage.
  2. I am so using this one as I get caught up on Project 365.
  3. Jen, I really love this page... it's fab!!! Thanks for the template!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  4. TFS the template- I am doing pretty ok with the P365, I have only missed one day of pics do far. But I am having a harder time getting them on my blog. Can't wait to use your template. And congrats on the new laptop!
  5. Jen Wolff
    I am sucking at this project! I have 5 weeks to catch up on. I hope I can sort t all out and get caught up! Love the template! I'll definitely use it if I can catch up!