Wed Observations

Laney has a hard time keeping quiet while Ava is doing her homework.  They do homework at the same time but Laney gets done sooner as hers isn't quite as hard nor does she have quite as much as Ava.  Last night, however, she was very quiet.  I wondered what she had found to occupy herself.


What meant so much to me is that Laney could not do this not too long ago.  She has an engineering mind just like Corey but she has such a negative attitude that gets in her way...unfortunately I think she got that from me.  Left to her own devices...when she thinks no one is looking...Laney can do amazing things.  I know these are just dominos but it is a representation of who she truly is...the person I see...not always the person she lets out.  She's very easily influenced by what others think of her and that gets in her way too.  I have no idea where she gets this from...hint: not me!


This morning's bike ride was a little different.  Corey works from home on Wed so he was able to go with me.  Is it ever fun to go riding with someone! ;D  He is, admittedly, in better shape than me but he agreed to stay with me and so we had a very pleasant ride.  We rode to town.  Got breakfast at Heidi's...oh so yummy...then came home.  Rode 11 miles again.  Very pleased with my efforts.


2 Responses

  1. Jill
    hey. nice picture of Laney and her skills. Very impressive. What is truly amazing is the insight you have in who she is. That you can get past the negative attitude. And love her for who she is. miss ya
  2. Wendy
    Oh I love that photo of Laney!! Great job! Hopefully as she grows and she matures she won't worry what others think about her. Give her sometime and be patient! She's got a GREAT Mom and Dad to help her along the way :o) Love the blooms, Wow!! So glad you and Corey had a good morning! Makes for a good start to a GREAT day!