We have worms!

It rained last night and so there were puddles everywhere.  The girls were out this morning playing and I heard the doorbell.  They ring it all the time when they are out in the front yard.  I don't know why...I think they like to hear it or they don't want to bother to come in or they just want me to be at their beck and call...hmmm...  In any case I came to the door and all I could hear from 4 little voices (they were playing with two sisters from down the street) was, "We have worms!  We have worms!"

Sure enough!  It surprised me that Ava was holding them.  She lugged them around for awhile.  When I called them back in for lunch some time later she still had them.  I told her they had to go!  She let them go in our garden.  Hope they are happy in the pumpkins!

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