Water Dogs

Baxter is not a water dog.  We think it might be because he can't stand to be cold.  There is a creek running along side part of the trail at the dog park.  The girls always wanted Baxter to get in but we tried to explain to them...he's just not a lab! ;D  After we got Skits...seeing his personality...Corey said if either dog ever got into the water it would be Skits first...then Baxter would follow.  He was right.  Today it happened.  They both got in the creek...Skits leading the way...well not in THESE photos.  Once Baxter realized it was fun he was all over it!  The girls were THRILLED!

Skits is completely photogenic.  NOT Baxter.  When I get near him with a camera he moves or looks away or actually bolts.  Not Skits.  Skits poses.  He DOES!  Case in point...

3 Responses

  1. Jeni
    These are great photos! Love how you caught Ava in mid-stride, and the one of Laney with her little grin! {{sooo cute!!}}
  2. what fun photos...!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  3. Wendy N
    Yep sometimes our dogs need that extra boost of a good friend to do it first! Love the photos, awesome captures...But that last one of Laney and Skits is just too darn cute!