Warm Weather + A Walk + A New Lens

Monday was a very warm day.  The thermometer here at the house said 71 degrees.  These are the days when I just love that we moved here.  Laney wanted to go to the playground just down the hill from our house.  If it's going to be that warm out...I'm all for it.  We walked down on the Cherry Creek Trail.

While I was away at the crop over the weekend my new Tamron lens came in the mail.  Did I mention I was getting a new one?  Maybe I didn't cause I was waiting to see if the new one...when it came and I tested it out...would actually work.  It does.  I love it!

So on this walk I took the camera with the new lens.  Not knowing exactly if I would get any good shots...but hoping.  Yeah...I got some good ones...well I like them anyway.  You can see them all if you go to my shutterfly site here.  My two favorites are these below...

The late afternoon sunlight was just perfect.  The lighting was great.  The girls had fun playing...and so did I...with my camera that is! ;D

Don't forget to look at Tuesday's post for this week's give-a-way.  Leave a comment.  I'll draw a winner on Friday!

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