So last night we were eating dinner and it starting hailing...and we get hail storms here all the time...but these ones sounded pretty ferocious when hitting the house.  So we went to the back door to look and they were pretty good sized ones...some of them golf ball sized.  I didn't take any photos cause I didn't want to get hit!!!  So here we are minding our own business just watching this...and we don't have the tv on...shocker...I actually turned it off cause we had been watching too much of it that day...cause if I had I probably would have known that THIS WAS JUST OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE AND IF WE HAD JUST GONE OUTSIDE AND LOOKED UP THE ROAD!!!

HELLO????  CAN YOU SAY DUH???!!!  I still had no idea about it until this morning like 10 minutes ago when Corey is chatting w me and types oh btw did you know...He's got a good photo from a coworker and some good videos of it on his blog.  You can also see more photos of it here, here and here.

Apparently Corey said it made national news as about being oblivious!!! ;D

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  1. corey
    We were so busy looking at the hail in the backyard, we didn't even think to look up! What a great photo opp this was, and uh, yeah I'm glad it missed out house...