Ultimate Summer Challenge

I just posted my last LO for the Ultimate Summer Challenge on the Scrapbook etc. website.  Sigh...well it has been exciting and exhausting and thrilling and emotionally draining and I've learned a lot about myself and I have definitely been challenged and I wish there was more and I'm glad it's over all at the same time!!!  One of the best things that has happened is that I've made a friend through all of this...now that was totally not expected and a wonderful gift!!!  Hello M!!!!!

So...I'll post my work...all except this week's...original work and no posting on any online forum and all that business you know.  I'm rather proud of myself because this challenge helped me dig deeper into digi work and all three of my top ten entries were all digital work.  So way to go me!  And now I think I'll take a few days off from scrapbooking.  Ahh.....

And you can see the current one here.

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