Two Turtle Doves + Dec Daily day 22

Gina just came out with a new kit over at Digital Design Essentials.  It is called Two Turtle Doves.  So adorable...and it is on sale right now until the 23rd!  $3.99!!!  You also get a special gift with your purchase so go check it out! ;D


Here is the layout I did with it.  It is my December Daily day 22 layout.  The girls wanted to sleep together tonight in Ava's room and I said that would be fine as long as they cleaned it up.  The got busy straight away.  I must say they did a marvelous job.  So Laney is reading really advanced books now.  Not sure how I feel about it...since she doesn't like to read "baby" books...but nothing keeps her interest unless it is advanced.  I remember being like that.  So does Corey.  I remember reading things I probably shouldn't have been reading when I was young.  Have to keep an eye on her!  Tonight she was reading Winn Dixie.  Ava just finished reading it not too long ago.  Sheesh.  I got her a bunch of books for Christmas.  Hope she likes 'em.'s the layout...


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  1. WendyN
    I love what you did with the kit. That is so neat! I keep staring at the kit as it is in my bookmarks, lol...