Two if by Sea

I have a couple of freebies for ya.  Having some fun designing.  In addition to a paper pack I've got a group of brushes in both abr and png format.  I hope you like.  Was thinking of summer and vacation and the beach when I made the Sea paper pack.  Sometimes I really miss living near the ocean...especially when I watch the travel channel and they show Acadia this morning when I just happened to have turned it on. ;D


Download Defining Tags-n-Brushes here.


Download Sea paper pack here.

2 Responses

  1. Ann
    Jen, thank you that you are doing all this, wow... Thanks
  2. Yea Jen...these are fantastic!! I had to switch computers, lol...I tried and tried but Vista and IE 8 would not cooperate and imagine my surprise when I pulled all this up!! YOU ROCK!!