I spent a little time this morning in the formal living room opening some boxes and unpacking.  It felt good to turn the the place at least a little bit into "me".

6 Responses

  1. wow wow wow... this is great... I love what you've done to the new place... just lovely!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. corey
    Jeni, just don't bring Joanna with you, she'll knock over the candles!
  3. It looks so cozy! I would like to curl up on one of those couches and read a book. :-) Good work!
  4. Jeni
    Love it! Makes me feel like I'm coming over to visit. Are the lights in the window the same ones you bought just before you left me? I always think of you when I see fairy lights! (Not that you're a fairy...that's not what I meant...) Anyway...looks comfy and inviting!
  5. Wendy N
    Love it...warm, cozy and inviting...I'd like to bring a book and snooze :o) I've always wanted a window seat, you lucky dog!! I'm jealous...
  6. I LOVE the white lights! I'm so with you on moving and unpacking...I've been in the middle of it for 6 months for one reason or another. One room at a time...