Laney is very easily influenced by others (and tv).  She has low confidence.  Mix the two together and you can see why I worry.  She lets things bother her that she shouldn't.  A lot of things that have to do with her peers.  It is very frustrating.  Today she gets in the car in a fabulous mood and she says, "Guess what happened in school today Mom?!"  Even though she's in a good mood this could go either way.  It happens all the time.  So I ask her what.  This is what she tells me..."I drew a picture in school today and _____(one of her classmates) said it looked strange but I told her it didn't to me!  And that's all that matters Mom!  All that matters is if I like it and if it looks ok to me.  And it does!  And I drew it for you!  Do you love it?"

And I'm not just saying this cause she's my daughter.  It WAS a great drawing of a dragon! ;D  Maybe the things I'm telling her are sticking inside her brain!!!!

On warm days we open the moon roof in my car and Laney likes to stick her head out of it when we are sitting in carpool line waiting for Ava.  Well more like her whole body.  I always forget my camera.  She's always in great poses above me like that.  Today I remembered.  I got a whole series of great shots.  Here's one of them...


The girls got a new frisbee at REI while I was at the crop weekend.  They wanted to throw it around with me today after school.  But they warned me that it went pretty far when you threw it.  I suggested we take it to the soccer fields just down from our house.  Our yard is pretty small.  So that's what we did after school today.



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  1. My dd, Reagan is similar to Laney. Thank you for your post about this subject. You gave me the exact words to say to her. There is a boy in her class and who is often in her class at church that is very critical of his peers. She lets what this little boys says to her really get her down. Now I know what to say! Thanks Jen.