To Plan or Not To Plan?

My friend Michelle asked me, if when I went to the crop weekend, did I plan out my pages before hand or did I just take all of my supplies and wing it?  The answer to that is...both!  I planned out ahead of time what I was going to do by slipping in photos and supplies into the protective sleeves of my albums.  Then roughed out in my head what I wanted to do.  I did get a lot more done with this method.  But I did take all of my supplies with me.  That said...I didn't need to...there were things I brought that I didn't need.  But I do that every time I go it seems.  I never know what I'm going to use and what I'm not.

I wanted to show you a few more layouts that I did...some you have seen, some not...with the new method I've adopted of the 4 x 6 photo sleeves in conjunction with layouts.  I'm loving the freedom with this method!!!

I apologize in advance for the quality of some of these photos.  I was in a bit of a hurry...

simply 7 2page spread

1st swim 2page spread

cherry creek 2page spread


playhouse 2page spread

This layout isn't one with 4 x 6 photo sleeves but its one I forgot to include yesterday with the other group.


Even though not all my pages are done at least they are in my albums and out to look at and not in boxes hidden in the basement!  Now to tackle the ones that are!!!  And to finish these!  But with this method of 4 x 6 photo sleeves...and not having to do a layout for every single photo...I think its going to be a lot easier!!!


So I would say planning is the way to go...but give yourself a little leeway for being creative too!!! ;D  But take that from a person who is a planner at!

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  1. jen wolff
    Love the 4x6 sleeves!! Dying to know which albums you are using!! Looking to make a change myself.
  2. p.s. Forgot to say... I love your new heading it's great!!! :D M
  3. Jen... thanks... I know I usually do the planning thing... but the last few times I didn't take everything with me... I regreted it... so I'm with you do some lo planned and ready to do ... but take everything... because you never know... BTW... I love, love, love the 4x6 pages you've added... I've been wanting to do that... and I just got my order in of the pages... so I'll be doing it too... it looks great!!!! Thanks for always inspiring me... when this move is over I'll call you to catch up and try to get back on track... I've missed you and our chats (email & phone)... talk to you soon... {{BLESSINGS & HUGS}} Michelle :D