Times Tables

I am frequently looking for this type of thing online...or in Walmart but can never find exactly what I'm looking for and end up making my own.  Then I thought maybe someone out there could benefit from it as well...

Ava is studying multiplication...already!...and she informed me last night that she needs to go over 3 + 4 times tables cause she doesn't have them memorized.  She has a set of multiplication flash cards from Walmart that I got her but I don't care for them and neither does she because...and I don't know if you've ever noticed this before...but they don't have all of the sets in order...they have all of the numbers there...in some form...but I'm sure, to save money, they've got them arranged so that duplicates aren't duplicated...if that makes sense.  And Ava...being my child...of course...can't stand it!!!!  "But Mom...it doesn't start with a 3!!!!"  And I respond with, "It doesn't matter."  Hoping that she will accept that...which she doesn't...cause I wouldn't!!!!  She is soooooooooooooooooo my daughter!!!

So this morning I spent a few minutes doing up 3 + 4 times tables for her in Photoshop.  I made them into .png files and am going to include links to the files so you can download them...hey...anything that will save time and money I say!!!!  Wish I had this when I went looking!!! ;D  If this helps anyone out there I'm so glad!


download 3 times tables
download 4 times tables
download 3+4 times tables

Have an excellent Monday!!!

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