Thinking Back

Tomorrow is Corey's and my anniversary.  We will have been married 16 years!  Woohoo!!!  And ya gotta love it...we have two sick girls on our hands.  It will be a very low key anniversary celebration this year...or at least this weekend.  Laney was all upset about we can't celebrate it on another day when everyone gets better or something...adorable!!!!  She was so concerned.  It is precious that she understands what our anniversary is...for the first time ever! ;D

Tomorrow's post will have a layout with a photo of the two of us.  But in the mean time...I was going thru the folder of our wedding photos.  Corey and I didn't have a "wedding" when we originally got married.  We got married Las Vegas  We didn't have a camera that day.  I don't know what we were thinking...I guess we weren't!!!  How sad!  I was very upset about it for lots of years.  Almost 5 years ago before we moved to Colorado we had a wedding ceremony and renewed our vows with our friends in Maine.  So now I have photos of my wedding...only 11 years late. ;D  I was happy that my girls were able to be flower girls.  That was special.  Here are some photos of that day almost 5 years ago.

I can't believe how little the girls are in this photo!!!  Ava was 3 and Laney 18 months.




Hey Jeni...I often think of the day we...or rather you...put my bouquet together in my kitchen.  I loved that bouquet!!!  Thank you so much.  I am soooo thankful you were a part of that special day with me!

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  1. Jeni
    That did come the waterworks. I miss you. Happy Anniversary to two of the dearest people I know! I'm glad that our friendship is "extremely large" enough to cover the miles! Love you!!