The Weekend + A Reason To Blog

I left Thursday and came back Saturday from my crop weekend.  I came back more tired than I left!  I did not stay up all hours.  I even had a massage!  My bff roommate even went home a day early and I had the room all to myself the last night.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just making observations.  Here are some more observations...

1.  Corey kept the house amazingly clean this time I went away.  I mean it was like I never left.  The only time it got messy was when I got home with all my stuff.  Thank you Honey!!!!!

2.  Corey could be gone just 8 hours for work and I can be gone 3 days and the kids are still more excited to see him than me.  What's up with THAT?????

3.  It doesn't matter how far you go or how relaxing it is...there's no place like home...or your own bed and pillow!!!!

4.  I'm so glad I blog.  The reason being...I'm terrible at journaling.  Blogging has made me a better journaler.  Better at writing down moments that happen in my life.  I don't know why...but I'm gonna go with it! ;D  I was doing a layout this weekend about Laney and I remember roughly what happened in that moment but I don't remember everything.  Then I remembered that I wrote about it on my blog.  So I did up the layout leaving just enough room for the journaling.  I went to my blog post, cut and paste the blog entry text, printed it and voila...a finished page!!!!

something intelligent lo

paper KI Memories
butterfly paper KI Memories
polka dot paper SEI
letters cut with Cricut Expressions, cartridges used: Base Camp, Opposites Attract
Cricut Software Used to weld letters
Keiser self adhesive Pearls
Scenic Route stamp
Jeni Bowlin ticket
date stamp from Staples
to see journaling go here

If you blog...what are the reasons you do?

2 Responses

  1. I too feel I am not good in journalism. My main excuse for not blogging is I do not know how to write it down. writing is why I dropped out of college. I just couldn't do the essays! My next excuse for not blogging is I think I need pictures with my posts. I have nearly 200 photos to process. I like to shoot in RAW. ACDSee doe not allow me to preview the RAW images. I downloaded the trial of Lightroom today. I hope it lives up to my expectations.
  2. Jill
    Ok so I don't blog exactly, I do have a shutterfly website. Where I post journal entries occasionally. To keep my family and closest friends up to date on the events of our lives. And put pictures of my adorably cute boys. And some advice.... never take a teething 7month old baby to an overnight crop. To bad I didn't know he was teething until I went home early. I look forward to the next crop for which i will be kidless and getting to watch that movie. much luv