The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday Ava lost another tooth.  This one had been loose for awhile and really hurting her while eating.  She bit down on it at breakfast and started to cry.  Corey suggested to her that she just pull it out.  Now I had been thinking this all along but when I suggest things to Ava she usually does the opposite so I hadn't said a word.  But when her Dad suggests things...she would jump to the moon for him!  So pulling her tooth out...she thought that was a fabulous idea...even after the initial..."It will hurt." and "I don't wanna!"  So she took a paper towel and started working at it...several paper towels later she yanked it out.  She was good to go in the eating department after that!!!!

When I put her to bed last night I was asking her about her day and she was asking me a lot of questions about certain things.  This is one part of the conversation...

"Mom?  How big is the tooth fairy?"

"I don't know.  How big do you think she is?"  Ava shrugged.  "Well I guess I would say I think she is very tiny.  Maybe this big."  And I used my fingers to demonstrate.

"Well I think she's this big."  And Ava stretched her arms out wide.

"You do?"

"Yeah.  And I think she has this bag that she collects all the teeth."

"And then what does she do with them?"

"I think she takes them up to heaven to be with Jesus."

I chuckled.

"And Mom...she's got all the Maddocks family teeth up there all together and all the other family teeth too."

"You mean she's got my teeth and Dad's teeth from when we were kids?"


"How cool is that?!"

And she snuggled down in her blankets all proud of herself.


"Yes Ava?"

"Do you think I'm going to get a dollar from the tooth fairy again for this tooth?"

"I'm not sure Honey.  You'll have to see in the morning."

And we prayed.

In the morning she came up and crawled on to my bed and on top of me and shoved the dollar into my face.

"Mom look!  I got a dollar!  Look at George Washington!"

"That's so awesome Ava!"  With my eyes barely open!

And she got under the covers with me and we laid there a little longer before starting the day.


I took this photo of Ava a few weeks ago of her reading on the couch.  I love how she looks in her glasses.  And I love that she likes to read.

3 Responses

  1. Jill
    okay. to me she looks like Corey here. And I just read his comment. so I agree.
  2. Don't you just love how a child can make the tooth fairy more fun... I love the questions and thoughts... and I just love the part about where the teeth go... lovely thoughts... lovely memory.
  3. corey
    Wow, she actually looks like me in that picture...must be the glasses?