The Tooth Fairy will be appearing tonight!

Laney lost her first tooth tonight!  It's been loose for some time now.  It's been so long that the adult tooth is already coming in and is up quite a bit behind the baby tooth.  She hasn't had the nerve to pull it out tho.  Tonight she didn't pull it out.  I heard her yelling to me, from Ava's room, that it had fallen out.  They were horsing around in there.  She came out and said that Ava hit her in the mouth and it just fell out!  I didn't really get the entire "correct story" about what "really" happened I'm sure...but she was so excited about it coming out that I don't think whatever Ava did was all that bad...I hope! ;D


All she kept talking about was she couldn't believe it fell out.  And then...she couldn't wait to see what the tooth fairy was going to bring her.

"She's going to bring me a dollar!"

"How do you know that Laney?"

"Because she always gives Ava a dollar for her teeth!"

I laughed! ;D

2 Responses

  1. what a nice thing to wake up to on Christmas Eve... an unforgettable moment... she'll always remember that... precious!
  2. Jill
    Wow. That is so exciting. cute picture.