The thrill of victory + the agony of defeat

Ava has been working on her handstands for gymnastics pretty much non-stop since she started gymnastics back in August.  Every week they practice them in class and then have a competition with all the students to see who can do it the longest and the best.  She tries so hard every week.  Here at the house she does really well but when she gets to class she falters.  Well this week I'm happy to report that she won the whole thing!!!  They start by doing rows.  Each row does handstands and the best in the row goes to the finals and then those compete to be the finalist.  She got in the finals yesterday and I was so happy for her.  I sized up the competition and thought...she can do this.  And she did!  I was so happy for her!  Go Ava!!!  Several of her classmates tackled her in a congragulatory hug.  She looked up at me in the window of the observation room.  I was all thumbs up!!!!  She was grinning from ear to ear!!!

Laney is having a difficult time adjusting back into the swing of things in school coming off of Fall Break.  They changed the card system a little bit so everyone starts out on green and everyone has a chance to be "wowed up" everyday.  You can also get "flipped down".  Laney so desperately wants to please and to "wow up" but she l o v e s to talk to all her little friends so she's not doing it as quickly as she would have hoped.  So everyday this week she has gotten into the car with a pouty face and said she doesn't like this day.  I keep trying to encourage her and tell her it's ok and that I'm not mad at her for not being "wowed up" or even flipped down to yellow like she was yesterday.  "I love to talk Mom!"  she said yesterday.  "I just can't help it.  It is the way I was made!"  "I know it is Laney.  I'm not faulting you for that.  Just try to talk at recess instead of when it's time to learn."  It doesn't seem to help her very much.  I think being away from school for a week and missing everyone and trying to get "caught up" with everyone is very hard for her.  I hope she can figure herself out...;D

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