The Meeting of the Tooth Fairy and Santa

Laney lost another tooth last night.  Well.  She didn't quite lose it as I pulled it out for her.  It was ready to come out and it was annoying her but she couldn't quite get it.  And she was scared.  Ava helped her pull the last one.  But she was nervous to have her do it again.  So she tried for half the night and I finally asked her if she wanted me to help her.  She agreed.  I pulled.  She cried.  It came out.  In the end she was happy.  But she "never wants me to pull another tooth again!"


So Laney put her tooth under her pillow and waited for the Tooth Fairy.  And the Tooth Fairy in this house is a bad Tooth Fairy and sometimes forgets.  Sigh. I woke up this morning and thought of it right away.  I didn't hear the kids up so I thought I was ok.  I slipped into Laney's room and she looked like she was still asleep and so I found the tooth and exchanged it for a dollar.  She woke up just after the exchange.  So I thought I was safe.  She told me the Tooth Fairy forgot to give her money and I asked her to double check.  She did and was happy to see the dollar.  I thought I had gotten away with it but when it all came out she revealed to me she had been awake earlier and downstairs.  She had also been "faking it" when I thought she was sleeping and said she felt her pillow moving when I was taking her tooth.  Another sigh.

"Mom.  Are you the Tooth Fairy?"


"You ARE!!??"

"I'm sorry Laney.  But yes I am.  Are you okay?"

"Yes.  But what about all my other teeth?  And Ava's teeth?  What happened to those?"

"I took them."

"Where did you put them?"

"It doesn't matter.  In a special place."

Ava emerged and we told her.  I asked her if she was okay.  "Yes, I'm fine.  And I don't believe in Santa either.  Because he's Lauren's grandpa!"  Apparently a friend of hers at school has a grandpa that looks just like Santa.

"Well.  Since we are talking about this do you want to know the truth about Santa?"

"Santa's not real either???"  Laney exclaimed.

"No.  Not in the way you think.  There was a person who existed called St. Nicholas who passed out gifts to children.  But there is no Santa."

This conversation continued on for awhile.  I could tell Ava was totally fine.  I knew she would be.  I could tell Laney was completely devastated.  I knew this was going to happen as well.  Insert another sigh here.  So.  In order to help out the situation, because at this point Laney was pouting...something she is very good at...I reminded her the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas (and Easter).  She immediately said, "JESUS!"  I told her she was right.  I told her that even tho things like Santa are fun and we could still pretend and have fun, that Santa was actually a distraction from the real reason of Christmas.  After I explained it, she was okay.  Needless to say I had no intention of this happening this morning.  In a way I was very sad and also glad.  What do you do in your family with Santa and the Tooth Fairy?  Do your kids still believe?

Last night it started snowing.  I was looking at the snow and loving it but I really needed to go to bed.  Corey suggested I go out and take some photos.  It was midnight.  And cold.  I didn't want to go out.  But I did.  I was freezing.  And LOVING IT!  Do you ever feel that way about something?



On to the next thing...there is a new digi kit at DDE.  It's called Crisp Fall Day.


Here are a couple of layouts I did with this kit.



And last but not least...if you have stuck with reading this entire post...I made it on to the next round of the My Scrapbook Art Ultimate Artist contest with this layout.  Total surprise...and looking forward to the next challenge which is being revealed tomorrow!

3 Responses

  1. AHHHHHHHHH... I wouldn't know what to do... thankfully Rainee isn't at the age where she's lost any teeth yet... it's getting close... but not yet... as for Santa... How sad for Laney... but the truth of what Christmas is about is sooooooo much better than Santa... I'm happy for you that it went as well as it did... it could have been an awful thing... Thanks for sharing.... also love the new layouts... they are awesome... love that kit... what else can I say, but great job my friend... {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Wendy
    YOU ROCK!! Sheesh WOMAN I am so PROUD of YOU!! Go get'em Jen!! I wish you the BEST of luck!! Your layouts are spectacular and I love the photo of you and Corey! Sigh to Laney learning about the tooth fairy and Santa. It happens and you did a great job of explaining. I'm not sure if Michael believes in Santa or not...he knows the real reason for Christmas is because it's Jesus's Birthday. As to the tooth fairy that is something we haven't dealt with yet. I absolutely LOVE the snow photos!! I'm so glad you went outside and froze your rear off...they're gorgeous! Thank you :o)
  3. Oooh!! What a BIG revealing morning in your household!! I'm glad the girls were okay. I never believed in santa or the tooth fairy - I think my parents must have told me at an early age. There is also a DESK fairy in our classroom that leaves candy in CLEAN and ORGANIZED desks - I guess "the jig is up" for Ava. :-) I LOVE your NEW MOON countdown - I can't WAIT!!!!