The Magic Meatball

Yesterday we went to Walmart to get a few things.  We went to the "new" Walmart...the one close to our new house.  This Walmart has a full (as in full menu) McDonald's inside.  We all decided that dinner at McDonald's would be a good idea.  Laney got a Happy Meal and the toy inside was "The Magic Meatball".  The kids were a little unclear about what it was so we explained it to them.  Still a little mystified the kids were like, "Ask it a question!"  But they didn't know what to ask it.  Laney was being particularly talkative (when is she not???) and wouldn't quit talking to me so I grabbed the Meatball and asked it, "Will Laney ever leave me alone?"

"The Meatball says NO!"

We all laughed hysterically!!!!

Yes, you are right, it is basically a simple version of the Magic 8 Ball.

When I was a kid the Magic 8 Ball was a big no-no.  But it was never really explained why.  I'm sure it was my parent's religious beliefs and the way they chose to raise me.  I'm not saying I would go out and buy a Magic 8 Ball for my kids but I found this Happy Meal Toy harmless in that we had a discussion about fortune telling and the like.  Part of the conversation went like this...

"Mom?  Does the Magic Meatball really know everything?"  the girls asked.

"No.  It's just got answers inside it and it plays the answers and sometimes it "gets it right" so it seems like it "knows things".  But Who really knows everything?"

"Dad.  No, wait!  God!"  Ava said.

Needless to say Corey and I both got a chuckle out of that one. ;D

Later that evening Ava was asking it questions and kept pushing it till she got the answer SHE wanted.  We were laughing at THAT too!  She was trying to figure out the pattern of the answers given.  Typical Ava. ;D

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  1. too too funny... rainee will love that... I guess I'm going to mcd's today... thanks for sharing this didn't know they had that... Rainee will get a huge kick out of it.... {{hugs}} Michelle