The best of 2008

As the end of the year approaches I was thinking over the entire year.  Going through all my photos.  I was putting my favorites into one folder to make some kind of layout.  This is what I came up with...

Here's a lo of some of my favorite photos of 2008.

Best of 2008

Template Jen Maddocks
Michelle Coleman Pink Chocolate
Trish Jones Distressed Diva Distressed Edge
Jen Wilson Designs Worn Foam Stamps
Danielle Corbitt Star Studded Designs That's So Tara flower branch
Jen Maddocks Best of 2008 Stamp
Font Nueva Std

And here's what the template design looks like...


Template No.1 Jen Maddocks

And here is the brush that I designed...

bestofthebest2008 stamp + brush JM

Best of the Best 2008 Brush + Stamp Jen Maddocks

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!  Here's to 2009 and all that it holds...;D

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  1. Love the page... I've always wanted to do a best of page... I'll give it a try... I think my problem has always been... I love every photo, every day... it's hard to choose... but I promise to give it a try... I love the brush... will definitely be tying that out... thanks for the inspiration & wonderful LO! {{HUGS}} Michelle