Surprise in the Garden

The girlz have pumpkin seeds that they have planted a few weeks ago. Now these are seed that we harvested from the pumpkins we carved on Halloween last year. The girls wanted to know if we planted them would they grow and would they have pumpkins on them. I’m thinking no because I don’t know where these pumpkins have come from (we got them at a Fall Festival at Ava’s school) AND I don’t know if I could “harvest” them correctly to get them to germinate.

However…when u have kids…well…you just get crazy enuf to try stuff sometimes. And why not…great science lesson huh?

So…we harvested them…we took some seeds from both pumpkins and I washed them and dried them for a couple of days…just on the counter on a paper towel…yes I know there are probably gardeners out there gasping…and I put them in a zip lock bag and put them away for the winter.

The girlz are starting to get really good about remembering things cause as soon as February rolled around they started asking, “When are we going to plant the pumpkins?”…Daily asking.

We planted them…and much to my surprise…yes I am a pessimist at heart…they sprouted!!!

Well they are getting to the point now where we have to transplant them outside…or all this work is going to be for not. And I’ve been dreading it cause it means tackling this:


My poor neglected garden. Sad. But I took advantage of being kid free for a few hours this morning and some good weather and decided to tackle it. And it turned into this:


Yay me! Up in the corner…in case you were wondering are some raspberry plants that have come up and I want to keep ‘em. Got a place all picked out for ‘em.

The surprise in the garden was a nice sized garter snake coiled up in the weeds and dead grass that I was pulling. Scared me half to death. Had a great time looking at it but wanted to shoo it off so I could continue. It did not want to vacate. And I didn’t want the dog to find it…he’s been known to eat them if he finds them in the yard. I finally got it to shove off. Baxter made his way over and then smelled it. He was rolling in the grass where it had traveled. Typical dog. Sheesh. So after it slithered away I’m like crap!!! why didn’t I take a picture of it to show the kids!

Here’s the best part. After collecting the girlz from their various schools and getting settled at home we all headed to the back yard. Girlz playing with the hose and I wanted to do some more work over near the garden plot. I’m pulling out weeds and dead grass and such…and who appears again? You guessed it…the snake. I screamed. Ava came running. She was worried and I had to explain that it just startled me…not that it was a “bad” snake (we live in Colorado and have warned the girlz about poisonous snakes so it’s hard to help them understand the difference at this age) but that it just scared me cause I wasn’t expecting it. Of course after I explained that and we yelled to Laney to come out they were both fascinated. And I remembered the camera…before he got away!


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