Back in May Laney went and visited her "new school"...the one she attends now...for what is called Kindergarten Buddy Day.  It was a short introduction to the school and to the classroom and to the teachers.  They made a craft and they also planted some sunflower seeds.  They told the kids to water them and take care of them and when they bloomed they would know it would be time to come back to school for Kindergarten.  We did in fact take care of it...and planted it out in the garden with the pumpkins after it had sprouted.

I went out yesterday afternoon and sure enough it had bloomed!  Maybe two and a half weeks after Laney has started school...but almost right!  On the way home last night I told Laney about it and she was so excited.  I suggested she cut it and take it to school to show her teacher that she did in fact grow it from Kindergarten Buddy Day.  She loved the suggestion!

I was like 8pm when I remembered...trying to get the girls showers done and herd them into bed but I knew if we left it 'til morning we would forget and we are leaving on vacation tomorrow so I said to Laney, "Go grab your flashlight!"  Boy did that make her day...we were going on an adventure!  Anything that involves a flashlight has got to be loads of FUN!  And I grabbed a pair of scissors and I told her we were going to go cut the sunflower.  Of course Ava wanted to join in so we waited for her...

Here are the fruits of our labor...

When I picked Laney up from school today she said that she got to go up in front of the whole class and share her story about her flower!!!  I was SO excited for her!!!!  And she was so excited about that!!!  The expression on her face and the attitude in her body language said it all!!!

I asked her, "Laney, were you excited to do that?"

And she said, "Mom, does my face look like I am?"

I looked over.  It did!!!

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  1. What a great story... that picture is priceless... and I know what you mean about flashlights... Rainee gets one and it can keep her occupied for hours... thanks for sharing such a lovely memory.