Happy Halloween!!!

Laney's class field trip was yesterday.  The weather was just l o v e l y!  Sunny and the mid 70's!  Great day for photo taking!  The kiddos had a blast.  Most did not want to leave and return to school.  I don't blame them!  We went to a place called Tagawa Gardens.  They had a haunted house, pumpkin decorating, games, and a bounce house maze.  It was actually so warm the kids got hot and sweaty...go figure...October in Colorado...gotta love it!

I admit I was a bit nervous about the whole event because my Tamron lens was gone and I only had my old Canon lens and I had not taken it on this big of an event before.  I had taken it on test runs but wasn't sure if it would do what I wanted.  I took extra battery back up, extra memory card...I even took my old Kodak point and shoot just in case it all went south.

Fortunately I am happy to report complete success!!!!  YAY!!!!  I had to get in a little closer because of the lack of zoom on this lens vs. my old Tamron.  However when I got home yesterday afternoon after I collapsed on the couch and fell asleep...yes I was t i r e d...I looked over the photos.  I got amazing color with this lens.  I was so surprised!!!!!  And happy...and thrilled!!!

Now is just the hard part of sorting thru and picking out the ones I want to use and doing another layout for the bulletin board.  I took 354 photos...phew!  That's a lot!  I am looking forward to it...but right now I'm just still soooo tired!  Events like this so wipe me out!

Here's a photo of Laney with the pumpkin she decorated...I went into Photoshop to do some adjusting to the photo and found that I didn't really need or want to...I started tweaking and then just clicked undo cause I really like how much color and depth the camera did on it's own...I'm so pleased...

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