Studio Jen Maddocks

That's right.  I am now a Studio Girl! ;D

I have moved my shop to Scrapbookgraphics!

Insert Chandler dance.  Pinch me.  Dream come true.  I cannot believe I'm here.  All that.  Every emotion you can think of I've experienced it in the last few weeks.  I have shopped at Scrapbookgraphics for years.  I have watched these designers careers develop and grow.  Now I'm standing there in the middle of it.  Insert music. ;D

On to housekeeping.  In my new shop you will notice some things...

New packaging...loving the new SBG logo!!!!!

Not everything from my store at Oscraps moved.  Don't panic! ;D  Most everything will be making its way over there at some point.  I tried to pick a variety of my most recent products that reflected my style and customer popularity.  It was really hard moving things over and at some point I had to say ok stop that's enough to open with!  Throughout the summer and into fall I have a plan to release other products weekly or biweekly so please be patient.  If you have a specific request please contact me.

File renaming...on the newest products going forward you will see a difference in how I name my products.  They will now be named jmadd_kitname_element instead of JenMaddocksDesigns_kitname_element as a way of more uniform streamlining.

Grand opening sale at Scrapbookgraphics from June 13-19...30% off!!!!

New Releases!






Thank you to all my loyal customers and future new ones!  I look forward to this part of my design journey!

2 Responses

  1. jen
    Barbara I sent you an email. ;D
  2. My dear Jen, I have been an ardent admirer of yours for a long time. I just recently "found" you again. With great anticipation I downloaded the Ocean Pack from a website you are on. All the alphas & numerals downloaded but that was All! I did not receive the 12 pages of sea views, etc. When I opened that file, Adobe told me there had been an "error" in downloading!! DRAT!!! Would you please resend - Just the sea pics. please. tia, B. Reiser