Still Snowing

It is still snowing.  It looks like about 20+ inches out back.

We have another snow day.  The kids are happy.  They are playing xbox.  And fighting.  They haven't wanted to go out in the snow yet.  I'm surprised.  And happy about that.  I don't know why.  I guess them getting all dressed up means I'll probably have to help them.  They will be out for all of 5 seconds, then come in for hot chocolate.  I'd like to skip over all that and head straight to the hot chocolate!  Mmmmmmm!

I'm still working on the desktop.  Hating it.  Things are not in a good workflow.  I don't have all my files where I want them.  Frustration is ensuing.  So if I haven't posted what I want in the way of vacation photos, or design work...this is why.  My laptop isn't even gone yet.  I'm forcing myself to do this.  I'm not a happy camper!

I visited Heather Ann Melzer's blog today.  She had a great post that I'm going "borrow"/"lift" the idea.  Halloween through the years...


It was very fun looking over Halloween photos from the last 5 years.  The girls enjoyed reminiscing as well.  Ava remembered more than Laney to be expected.  Thank you Heather for the inspiration!

6 Responses

  1. Jill
    That's funny I was thinking about the same thing this morning as the kids were trying on their halloween costumes. How much they have changed since last year.
  2. Jeni
    Awww! There's my babies! It's fun to see them grow up, but cool that they still have their own special looks, and that part isn't changing. Love the one with you in it girl! Was that one in Maine? I seem to remember the kimono, but I don't trust my brain...what's left of it... Have a Happy Halloweeny! Love you!
  3. I love seeing little Laney and little Ava! That is such an awesome collage of pictures (I don't know what you call it in scrapbooking lingo...:-)
  4. Wendy
    This is awesome. I saw halloween comparison photos at another blog and thought cool. So glad you did this, y'all are so cute and yes even you JEN!! Brrrrrr to the snow. I can't believe the girls haven't gone outside in it and played. Hot cocoa sounds good! It's chilly here, 57, lol...but thankfully NO snow! LOL to Corey's comment about NOT losing photos...I hope that never happens to me!!
  5. omg... that is such a great idea... i'll have to do it with mine... you are such an inspriation!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  6. corey
    Wow! Some photos from 04-05 that I DIDN'T lose!!