Starting ‘Em Young

We started putting Skits in his kennel the second day we brought him home.  I know some people think putting dogs in kennels is cruel but in life sometimes it is necessary.  After all...dogs are den animals!  There have been times when I just cannot watch him and do other things and it is for his own safety that he needs to go in there.  When we go places (ie leave the house) both dogs go in their kennels.  When we are home, for the majority of the time he is free to roam where ever he wants.  I like starting dogs young in their kennels.  We started Baxter when he was a pup and now his kennel is a place of refuge.  He loves going in there.  He goes in there all the time...especially when he wants to escape from Skits! ;D  Well, now Skits is starting to love his kennel...and I'm glad.  We leave the door to it open so he can go in there when ever he wishes.  He's starting to go in there and explore.  Now he is starting to go in there and take naps!  So cool!

An update on me...I've been feeling better the last few days.  I went to see a Pulmonologist a week or so ago and he wants a bunch of tests run to get to the bottom of what is up with my lung/persistent pneumonia.  I have a CT scan scheduled and some breathing tests for next week.  Tests, tests and more tests.  Hopefully we will get to the bottom of things.  Meantime I'm feeling better and able to do more than I have in months.  Thanks for the prayers and well wishes that have been sent my way!  I've felt them!  Please continue.  I'm not out of de woods yet! ;D

3 Responses

  1. Ann
    Oh, I see hummmm, I hope you continue to recover and you do not over do it, praying and thinking of you for a faster recovery. Ann
  2. Wendy
    Sheesh after a long day on the road it's always good to see a photo of Skits...He's so darn cute...Yes I've always used crates/kennels for my dogs! Best way to house train them and also give them some security too! Glad your feeling a wee bit better and interested to see what the test results will be...Hugs Wen
  3. The breeded we got out dog from told us that it's actually THE BEST thing to put them in a kennel...because it is den like. Our pup loves her kennel, too. And when it's cold like this...sometimes it's the only option. Glad you are feeling somewhat better...:-)