Start of Oh Shoot! Photography Class

The photography class I'm taking started yesterday.  1.  The lens I need for the class came yesterday in the mail. is defective.  What is it with me and defective lenses anyway???  So another one is coming from Amazon.  They were very good to deal with.  2.  I am keeping up with the assignments.  I am determined to do this cause I want to make sure I get feedback and join the online chats and all that.  I want to make sure I get everything I can out of this class!!!!  3.  I am having fun!  It is hurting my brain a little bit (he he) but once I read the assignment...sometimes twice...I practice a lot.  I figure there is always a delete button!  4.  I just found out I got my first assignment correct.  I just checked the gallery for a comment from Candice and she left one and I feel like now I can post it on my I don't make a complete idiot of!

Our first assignment was about shutter speed.

img_7620 img_7621

The photo on the left is a slow shutter speed 1/30.  The one on the right is a fast shutter speed 1/1250.  The photo on the left the water is not as clear as the one on the right and that was the point of the exercise.

The assignment for today was panning.  Focus on your subject as it is moving by you so that it is in focus but the background is blurry.  I used Laney for my subject.  She was more than happy to oblige.  It was over 70 degrees today...thus the bathing suit in case you were!


3 Responses

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  2. Jeni
    This is fun! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to go get out the instruction manual for my camera. We have a fabulous camera, but it's definitely not appreciated enough by us. I need to take a class, I think!!
  3. Great job!! It looks like you are doing a wonderful job in your photo class. Sorry about the defective lens. I seem to have that problem with tripods, lol. Keep up the great work and love seeing what you are learning and your work too!!