Speed Scrap

On Monday August 2 at 9am MST (11am EST, 10am CST, 8am PST) I am hosting my first Speed Scrap at Digi Scrapbook Mania.  I know it is kinda a weird time but we are trying some new times to see what people like.  I hope you can join me!  I have a great freebie if you do!

I probably won't post again over the weekend.  Having my "minor" procedure done tomorrow.  I expect I'll be tired and grumpy and sore.  At least I'm preparing for that.

I do have products ready for my grand opening at My Life and Scrap...I REALLY do.  But I can't figure out ZenCart.  I just wish I could design and someone else could do the rest for me.  Sometimes I feel really retarded.  I haven't had Corey help me with it yet.  That's probably the problem.  He usually figures out all that crap for me and just tells me what to do.  I'm trying to be all independent.  Yeah.  It's not working so well.  Have a great weekend!  Hope to see you at DSM on Monday! ;D

2 Responses

  1. I wish you good luck tomorrow too, you are so strong woman, I will be thinking of you:) By the way, ZenCard is the reason why I do not create new things for my shop any more...sometimes I spent some hours by my pc transferring my kits...
  2. Ann
    Good luck tomorrow, I would be thinking of you. Hey, delegate and get help life is complicated enough. Ann