Something New

This isn't a new concept but it is new to me!  I've decided to change how I scrapbook and incorporate the 4 x 6 photo sleeves that I have talked about for the Project 365.  I have seen this concept used in Simple Scrapbooks and I saw it at Archiver's a couple of weeks ago while I was in there.  Sometimes I just have a lot of photos for an event.  And while I have really learned how to delete and to not print every single photo...there are some instances where I really want all the photos from an event.  Let's take our vacation to Moab.  I have a lot of photos from that vacation and I really wanted to print most of them.  This was even after whittling it down by deleting and not developing ever single photo.  I do not, however, want to make 10 layouts (or more) of our vacation in Moab.  There are a few layouts I want to do to highlight the things that stand out the most in my mind.  But what to do with the rest of the photos?  I still want to include them.  But I don't want to "scrap" them.  So what I've come up with is a combination of layouts and 4 x 6 photo sleeves.


As you can see I have a layout on one side and the photo sleeves on the other.

For some reason I have found this concept extremely freeing!  One of the reasons is that I feel like I can do exactly what I want in my albums...layouts but include a lot more photos without having to feel like I have to scrap them all.  Two...I have put all of my photos from 2008 into albums and not in boxes!  That huge order I placed thru Shutterfly the other day...all in my albums!!!


On these pages you can see on the left I've done the photo sleeve page.  One of the pockets has a journaling box in it instead of a photo.  On the right I've stuck some photos together that I want to do a layout with.  I've picked paper to go with it but that's as far as I've gotten.  I'm going to come back to it.

A few days ago I did the tutorial on the word art and I said I was going to put it in my album on a transparency.  Here is where I'm going to put it in my album.  I'm not finished with exactly how I'm going to do it but at least it is in there for when I get ready.


And sometimes I know some of the elements I'm going to use and so I slide them into the page protector with the photos and paper I've chosen...


And then here is a page in its unedited form...


And then I found paper and elements I wanted use so I semi put it together...not glued down...and put everything back in the sleeve.



And why am I doing it this way and not finishing it all the way do you ask?  Well I'm just getting stuff all ready for the crop overnight next weekend so I'll have a plan and get lots done.  That and sometimes it just takes me awhile to figure out exactly what I want to do on a layout.  So if I do it in stages and I think about it more I'm happier with the end product.

I will let you know if I get a lot done at the crop by doing it this way.

2 Responses

  1. Wow your wheels are turning and you are doing a great job on the album and setting up your pages for the crop!! Fantastic!! I did the 4x6 pages for my Mother In Laws much easier and that way I don't leave anyone out when I do a layout...
  2. Jill
    Hey. So last night I sat down and did this with my huge CM box of pictures. I didn't even know u had posted, but we had talked about it. And you r right it, I felt like i got so much accomplished. I didn't have to scrap all 200 pictures from our 07 FL trip. I picked out about 8 lo's of stuff and put the rest in the 4x6 pages. ANd tossed the ones i didn't want to keep. Cause back then i printed everything... Found out I am really far behind and that I have no idea what i did in 08 (all the pics were from 07) Anyhow. Yes its a fabulous idea. Now I have some definite stuff to work on at the crop. and PS...... Baby slept all night!