Something I Captured

While I'm not getting as many photos as I'd hoped for with the Week in the Life project I did capture one that I love!  I read this on Ali's blog the other day...

I also encourage you to approach this project with what I call the past perspective. Think about what you wish you knew about your parents, grandparents, etc and document those things - simple routines, thoughts, feelings, the hours of ordinary life. Let those thoughts be your guide this week as you document your own daily life.

With that in mind I was thinking I've never taken photos of dropping off or picking up the girls at school.  The paragraph resonated with me in that I want the girls to at least have these memories of themselves to pass on to their children and I wanted to make sure I captured this for them.  So I did.  I got a great shot of Ava getting in the car.  LOVE IT!

1 Response

  1. hey this is too funny... I didn't get Rainee coming out of the car... but i did get her in the rear view mirror and coming/going to school when I dropped her off... great minds think alike... too funny... anyway great photo of Ava!! {{hugs}} Michelle