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My camera, with the new lens and extra battery pack on it, is very heavy.  Not to mention expensive.  So the decision was made to not allow the girlz to use it or pick it up at all.  Thus the giving of my Kodak to Ava.  But what to do with Laney.  See...she's a bit "accident prone" and she's quite hard on things.  I wish that she wasn't because Ava isn't and with the age difference between them it allows Ava to do things that we have tried to let Laney do but it just hasn't worked out.  Take for example...we got Ava a video camera for Christmas last year.  It was just her size and just her color (pink).  She loves it.  She loves filming things.  The other day she was using it and Laney asked to borrow it to film something and she dropped it and it broke and now it won't work anymore.  This is not the first time this has happened...or the first time she has done this to Ava.  It's so hard because Laney wants to be a part of what we are doing and wants to be just like me...but she's either just not there yet or we are going to have to get her "different equipment".

It might be one thing if she just wasn't good at it...then I might try to steer her in a different direction...toward something she's more proficient at.  However...she is good at photography too!  For's one she took yesterday on our walk...

I love this photo.  It's something I would take.  I was just resizing it now to upload it and Laney saw it and got very excited about it.  "Don't you just love those rocks, Mom?"  Yes, yes I do.

Corey did some research on cameras trying to find just the right one for Laney's particular needs.  This is what he came up with.

A Bean outdoor digital camera by Argus.  He found a blog post question about it with lots of comments.  Some mixed reviews by people.  I'm going to choose to go with this one...

derty said,
October 5, 2008 at 11:53 pm

I purchased a 3.2MP bean for each of my children to take on a recent holiday. I thought the sprout was too limiting, no LCD screen and no expandable memory.

My kids are 4 and 6. I had the cameras slung about the kids necks with lanyards mainly to keep them from getting lost and added a 1GB SD card that allowed them to take approx 1500 photo’s each at a resolution 1 level less that the 3.2MB setting. I expected the 4yo’s camera to be inoperable within a day or two purely due to her rough nature. As a testament to the camera it survived the 3 week holiday and still functions. During the holiday the camera was dropped while running onto grass and concrete at least 3 times, had both the USB and SD slots filled with snow on two occasions, dunked into a fishpond, left in the rain once, in addition to being sat on, banged into rocks, dropped etc inumerable numbers of times. Both times when the camera got quite wet it stopped functioning, we dryed the camera in the sun on the car dashboard and in front of a heater and after 5 or 6 hours it worked again. During the drying process it was placed so close to the heater that it became too hot to hold - survived that too 🙂

So a big thumbs up for it’s robustness.

The cons for me were that the widest angle setting is not very wide and the photo’s are quite easy to blur especially when the camera is being operated by an excitable 4yo. Out of the 8 or 900 photo’s she took there should be 30 or 40 keepers :). Oh yeah and the kids absolutely loved them!

So...we shall see how it turns out.   ;D  If anyone has any ideas please comment!

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  1. Jeni
    This gives me some great ideas, thanks! We want to get the boys decent cameras for Christmas, and I was going to start researching "Adam-proof" ones this week. We're still in sync, in spite of the miles. Yay! The site looks great, and I'm so excited to be a winnah! Love ya!