Something Amazing I Guess

I was awake for much of the night last night.  Cause I took one of my new meds, which is actually one of the old ones, late last night in the hopes of kicking this thing, whatever it is, in the ass butt.  However I forgot that one of these meds winds you up tighter than a drum.  So I there I was fully awake last night.  Save for the fact that I am physically not well I could have done "I don't know, something amazing I guess."  But then there's Skits.

Back up.

So I'm not recovered.  Yeah I know, I know.  Same old song and dance.  Only.  THIS time I'm kinda hoping for the same old song and dance.  Cause it doesn't seem to be staying the same.  It seems to be getting worse.  I've been having horrible pain in my lung the last week and I had a follow up x-ray yesterday that showed an increase in the infection in my lung.  Great.  I've been worried about this pain in my lung.  It doesn't feel quite right.  When does any pain ever do?  The doctor called me last night, which I thought was kinda unusual for her, and told me there was an increase in the infection and so I asked her could this be something else we are dealing with.  Yeah.  It could.  But let's not go down that road.  Trust me.  I've already been there.  At least in my mind.  ;D

So I'm laying there last night on the couch cause that's where I've been the last two months.  It's just easier when your sick.  Plus its comfy.  And its the diseased couch...right Wendy?  See whenever anyone in our family gets sick they get relegated to a certain couch.  I guess just whichever one they end up falling on when they become ill.  Then that couch becomes the "diseased couch" or the sick couch.  Right now that one happens to be mine.  Which is fine with me.  I like my couch pretty well.  Everyone agrees it is the most comfy.  But no one will come near it when it is relegated to the "diseased" couch.  Yay!  I get it all to myself.

So anyway...I'm laying there thinking I could get some serious design work done or something but Skits is sleeping with me.  And I don't want to wake him.  But that was the point all along.  That he was supposed to be my dog.  Every night I would look over and see Corey with Baxter and whine that I didn't have a dog to cuddle with me.  ;D  So that...and a host of other reasons...we got Skits.  And he IS my dog.  And he does sleep with me.  Which is fine.  Except when I don't sleep, which is probably more than the average person, and I want to get up in the middle of the night and write or create.  And I can't.  Cause I finally have a dog.  That is mine.  Sigh.  He sure is warm.  For such a small animal.

Speaking of Skits...some observations of him of late...he has gigantic paws but he's not going to be a big dog, Westies aren't big so he looks kinda funny being a small dog with big feet.  His legs are also short so he has to run twice as fast and jump twice as hard to do things or to keep up with Baxter.  He doesn't walk...he swaggers.  It is strange having a dog with a tail.  Baxter's is docked.  Skits isn't.  So it is cute seeing or feeling a wagging tail.  He has black toenails.  Which really stand out against white hair.  He is starting to ask to go out now.  We are hoping that he is getting potty training.  Just when we think he does...he has an accident.

Tonight we turned on the fireplace.  He has been growling at his reflection in the window panes.  Tonight he was barking at the flames.  Weirdo.

4 Responses

  1. hope hope hope and praying you are feeling better... {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Wendy N
    Ya know Jen maybe it's time to move off that diseased couch and try Corey's out, lol...Sheesh Jen now you have me worried if the doctor is calling you at night!! When do you get your test results back? I'm so glad you decided to get Skits, glad you have a buddy! Laughing at you not being able to get up at night and design as you'll wake the baby...good maybe you'll get some rest!! Big Huge hugs and lots of prayers being sent your way :o)
  3. Jeni
    Loved talking with you yesterday even though it got a little weird. ;D Which is WHY I LOVE YOU! Praying for your health and peace of mind. Glad you have a little friend to snuggle. <3
  4. Ann
    Jen, I wish so bad that you would get better soon. As I saw your beautiful inspiring work the other day I thought you were getting all better. I am glad you have this cute puppy for you~! Is he always going to be small in size?. Ann