Some Photos

I'm still waiting on my replacement lens to show up.  But while I'm waiting I'm using the defective just won't auto focus.  So not a huge deal if the things I'm photographing aren't moving to much and I have to keep focusing! ;D  Here are some photos from today.

In case anyone was wondering I'm not the only one getting new things.  Corey has been getting bike parts all winter and is finally done assembling his new mountain bike...


This has got to be the best photo I've ever gotten of Baxter sooc...


Laney being her normal goofy self...

Laney upsidedown

This photo I did not take...just edited a little in PS...Corey took it with the new Kodak point and shoot I got him for our anniversary.  He and Ava went on a bike ride today so Corey could test out his new bike.  Nice job Honey!  And, yes, he has removed the automatic date thingy in the bottom now.  Phew!

ava on bike

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  1. So glad you were able to get out and take some photos! You did a great job even with a broken lens. Love the bike!! Baxter is adorable...I so miss my little scarlett. She was a Jack Russel and had to be put down last year. She would have been 14 on this St. Patricks day...Cute photo of Laney, just love capturing them being silly and normal! Your Husband did a fantastic job on his photo of Eva...Great job!!