We have our first "official" snow of the season here.  There has been snow in the mountains for some time now...but we've got ours...right here in river city.  We were informed by Ava...the early bird...and of course both girls are very excited.  It will be melted in no time as the weekend is supposed to be warm...and I love that about living here...but the girls just want to go out right now and play in it rather than go to school.  I'm just thinking...I've got to drive in it and it's going to make for a messy morning and a really busy, really stressful day! be a kid with no responsibilities and just go out and play in it! ;D

The girls discovered the wonder of the individual snowflake this morning.  They were looking out the back door and saw some landing on the screen door.  "Mom!  Mom!  You should see the snowflakes up close!!!!"  I've been trying to get them to notice that forever...guess they weren't ready yet.  It made my heart melt.  I just stood there listening to them talk about this one and that one.  ;D

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  1. Jeni
    I love snowflakes up close! Luckily I haven't seen any yet this year, though... :) Have fun on your weekend! Wish I were with you! OH, and just to make you laugh, I still haven't looked at day 2's assignment! Argh! I'm just going to print everything off and do it when I have time instead of stressing...