Ava has a set of vampire teeth that she dug out last night.  I think they are from all the Halloween candy or various stuff collected from Halloween...either way for some reason she dug them out last night and this was the first time I'd ever seen her wear them.  It was hilarious.  She wore them all night long...was talking with them...and it actually was kinda nice to see her with teeth again...even if they were vampire teeth...since she's lost just about all of her baby teeth in the front. ;D  And of course I got the usual..."Mom!  Blog this!"  So here she is...and she's into crossing her eyes now too...every time I go to take a photo of it kinda fits with the funny vampire teeth...we were all laughing pretty hard.  It was a nice family moment!

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  1. Absolutely adorable!!! I love it when kids just let go and have fun, it allows us to do the same and the child within comes out... Tell Ava I think it's pretty darn cute!!!