Signs of Fall

The leaves are starting to fall off the trees...not turn color...just fall off...and there have been enough cool days for me to feel like baking.  I like to bake...when it is cold. ;D  I made a pumpkin spice bundt cake today.  Even tho it was 95 out. ;D

Last night it was pretty cool.  Finally cool enough (I mean in the 50's vs 80's at night) to enjoy a fire in the pot belly stove and make s'mores. ;D

Since I got such grief for not including a photo of  my new "do" ya go, Wendy. ;D  You know how I LOVE to include photos of myself.  Oy!

And then lastly...we had Grandparents Day at school on Friday.  It is extremely popular.  Only.  In past years each class has performed something as well as individual kids.  Not so this year.  It was just individual performances.  Neither of the girls had anything planned.  They were upset about it.  I'm like, "Let's just take Grandma to lunch!"  Yeah.  Way more fun.  So glad we did!

Oh...for those wondering...I think I'm getting over my cold.  House is pretty clean.  Laundry is done.  Grocery shopping is done.  I might just be ready to head to the hospital. ;D

3 Responses

  1. love those photos.... and grandparents day is always more fun when you're having lunch together.... wish it was colder here.... still in the 80-90 and at night 60-70... but I want it cold to snuggle up in a blanket... glad everything was done before you went in the hospital... {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Ann
    I was a birthday girl yesterday, so I also got a cake but made by a friend, the house smell so good when there a a fresh cake. I am glad you are better and good luck at the hospital, let's us know how you do. Ann
  3. Wendy N
    Beautiful new do and you are looking good, yea! Thank you :o) I've been in the mood to bake too and your bundt cake is NOT helping, lol...Looks delicious. I've been thinking about getting a fire pit but haven't done it yet. I miss our bonfires in the North and s'mores. Yea to lunch with Grandma and love the photo, too funny!