My baby is seven today.  Not too much of a baby anymore.  She's all growed up! ;D  She wanted to get her ears pierced for her birthday BUT she wanted to get them done BEFORE she turned 7 so we did them last night...when she was still officially 6. ;D

Here she is waiting.  She's holding the bear they have there at Claire's.  It has its ears pierced.  'Twas soooooooo cute!


I didn't get a great shot of her getting them done.  But imagine her with a look of terror.  Yep.  But she didn't cry or move.  She did fantastic!  Later she said it hurt pretty badly but now she is so tickled that she did it!

Here she is tonight all proud of herself.


Tonight we enjoyed cake together as a family.


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  1. WendyN
    Yea Laney!! You GO GIRL!! Much braver than I was, I waited until I was 12! Hope you had a great birthday! Good job on the photos Mom :o)