Scrapping with Ava

It is really fun now that Ava is the age where she can 1) read and 2) is computer literate.  I only have to show her something once in Photoshop and she totally gets it.  I'm, I wish I could have learned PS when I was 9! ;D

Here's the newest layout she did...I only helped her with layers and sizing...she did the rest!  And again, these are her photos.  Oh, and she used one of my templates and all my designs.  He he!

Layout credits:
layout by Ava Maddocks
materials all Jen Maddocks Designs

3 Responses

  1. ViVre
    I love this layout. And specially the second picture of the dog: great photo, great crop.
  2. Ann
    Great job Ava!, you are a lucky girl having your Mom to play with and with all this cool stuff, don't you think?. Ann
  3. Jeni
    Yay Ava! She did a great job! You must be very proud-I can hear you saying "Yaaaayyy!" in that great way you do. Good Mommy for sharing! (I wish I could learn PS at 42...)